Carisma Sweden

Carisma Sweden is an established brand in the world of roof boxes. More than two decades we have tried to make peoples’ lives more convenient through helping them with their transporting activities. Our goal is to offer products that would make customers’ lives easier and their journeys less stressful. When developing Carisma Sweden high-quality roof boxes, we have used an advanced technologies and tools in order to offer roof boxes that are light, extremely strong, user-friendly and with outstanding design in order to create nice synergy together with Your vehicle. Our roof boxes are made from fiberglass or polyethylene, which provide minimum weight with maximum strength, so that with years to come Your roof box would still look nice and neat.

In 2012 we decided to combine our extensive experience gained from making vehicle roof boxes with in house product development innovation and to extend the existing product range with adding Carisma Hard Top Trailer Covers to the selection. The all-new covers are produced form innovative and unique Texonium White or Texonium Black material, using vacuum infusion methodology, giving the product numerous advantages over the traditional hard top trailer covers.

Additionally, in all of our developments and production activities, quality is something that we value the most. To us, quality also means comfort and satisfaction of clients who can always count on a 2-year warranty.


Developing Carisma Sweden product line, we have used our existing extensive experience coming from the kayak production field. We have combined it with the latest and most innovative materials and methodologies available today for producing vehicle roof boxes and trailer covers. Carisma Sweden roof boxes are produced using light RTM technology and covers are produced using advanced rotomoulding technologies that involves glass and polyethylene processing techniques. All this enables us to offer products that are technologically advanced in order to offer the
satisfying user experience and long product lifetime.


Total Fit – a convenient system of fast box
mounting which due to our patent of a blockade
integrated with the box regulation guide
bar is the safest in the market. You can mount
a box on the roof of your car within moments.

Double Side – a system enabling smooth
opening and easy access to the box from both
sides. The spring lifters raise and lower the
cover (lid) smoothly.


Easy Track – track enabling regulation of a
box’ location on a roof. You will be able to
move the box smoothly along the roof
luggage rack – depending on Your needs and
size of the car.

Surf Carriers – additional bars can be
mounted on selected models of the boxes,
which enable transporting additional equipment
on the box (e.g. windsurfing boards).

RTM – the production is conducted using
light – RTM technology.

Multi Lock – a safe lock with three mounting
places on both sides of the box, together
with a convenient key as standard – if you
happen to misplace it, we can provide you
with a spare one.


Available Colours

Carisma Available Colors

Carisma Sweden roof boxes come in 10 different coulours and the combination of these colors, depending on customers’ preferences.

Fitment guide