PACKLINE - The mother of all boxes

Can it look better?

There is one brand that for more and more has become synonymous with the concept of roof boxes - Pack Line. We think it has a very simple statement. It looks good. It is simply a perfect combination of form and function, a roof box that blends in perfectly with the car’s design instead of disrupting it. A roof box, which provides that any car that grow without to change the car’s shapes. This is the result of an ongoing collaboration with the automotive industry to integrate our boxdesign with their car designs. It is the result of persistence, sense of form and the fact that we have concentrated on a only one thing - roof boxes - and the ambition to develop the world’s most beautiful, cocky and most functional range.To cope with this task, we have the whole hog. We have one Page developed form perfected roof boxes that fit well with car design with the owner’s lifestyle, on the other hand, we have developed a series of roof boxes where volume and capacity guided. without compromising aesthetic values. A box for every need, simply. How we have succeeded, you can assess in this directory. A proof of that we have achieved is the fact that the Pack Line currently manufactures the world best-selling fiberglass boxes. And, not least, the Pack Line for more people have become synonymous with the concept of roof box.

The difference between a PACKLINE and any other box

What is it that makes the Packline stands out? It’s all about details - it’s about more than a superior design. If we start with the material so it’s most exclusive roof boxes in the Pack Line range made of metalreinforced fiberglass. A material that is the foundation for optimal aerodynamics. Material’s unique shape stiffness eliminates the need for post-reinforcing infalsningar. You will recognize our fiberglass boxes on the luster and brilliance of the car’s paint. Then mark the position on the roof. Packline can offer roof boxes sneaking closer and more integrated with the roof than any other manufacturer. Take such detail as the fit. The feeling when mounting, opening and closing a Packline. It is as close to perfection as one can get. After years of product development, we also offer boxes in an ABS material that meets the very strict quality and environmental standards we set. Read on for a more detailed description of what makes a Pack Line unique and a detailed presentation of the boxmodeller that lives up to the mark Packline. We have divided them into three segments;

Fiber glass - outstanding

Hardly any other material can match the fiberglass if you value the properties that the highest finish, optimum strength, the perfect fit, light weight and aerodynamics. It is only natural that we since 1982 developed and manufactured Packline’s most exclusive roof boxes in the right glass.

WORLD CLASS FINISH - Packline’s highly developed method of burnishing of glass fiber provides an unsurpassed brilliance and luster.

OPTIMAL STRENGTH - Fiberglass is extremely strong, making the box, without reinforcing infalsningar, becomes very stable and rigid.

PERFECT FIT - Material’s torsional rigidity makes the fit perfect - like opening and closing the door on an exclusive car.

LOW WEIGHT - After many years of product are the weight of the Packlines fiberglass boxes in line with a conventional ABS-box.

COMPLETELY SILENCE - Aerodynamic perfection and form a rigid material reduces wind noise and vibrations.

VERY SAFE - Fibreglass strength allows it to never be deformed and emptied of cargo at the example a sudden stop.

10 YEAR WARRANTY - We leave the 10-year warranty on all Packline fiberglass boxes in the FX serie- you get a roof box as in reality is indestructible!


It can not be easier just load and go

Packline iZi2CONNECT                                                                                                             

A Packline is extremely simple to mount to the roof rack or roof rails thanks to the smart new iZi2Connect. Child’s play! No tools required, just a few steps and the boxs is stabile as a rock.

How much can you load?

The Packline range includes boxes with payload from 380 to the 700 liters. To give the concept of a liter more concrete meaning, we have here a sample a Packline Avntagrde of 430 liters with different types of equipment.


Central locking

You do not have to step out into the street when you should Locking a Packline, which is not uncommon in other boxes.



Load from all sides at the same time!

Note the brilliant opening that is Standard on all Packline Boxes. While most of the market’s roof boxes can only be loaded from one side can be loaded from the Packline both sides and from behind - at the same time! better overview, easier, smoother and faster.






Тhe secret behind the low position

Here you can see how we solved the location extremely close to the car roof, something that has become a hallmark of Packline. The secret behind the lowered position is a unique fixture where the two roof racks are hidden in tunnels inside the box.






Unbeatable aerodynamics!

Each Packlinebox is designed for optimal aerodynamic properties and minimal drag. here are glass fiber is again superior boxmaterial - no any vibration and completely free of annoying wind noise.







A little something to make your Packline sterling



A very clever way to store their luggage box - just to loosen the box from the load carrier and hoist it up into the ceiling. As easy it works on you’re looking for smart storage for surf board, kayak, ladder or other bulky items. Comes complete with screws and a easy to understand installation instructions. Supports weights up to 50 kg.




Looking for order among the skis while traveling? Then it is this smart and practical ski carrier you should have in your roof box. Carries up to 5 pairs of skis. SkiFix is divisible and easy to assemble. Fits in all Pack Line boxes with width 90 cm.







A brilliant accessory for your Packing Line is an LED light that easily mounts on the lid inner side. Long battery life.







PACKLINE same color as your car

You know you can get a Packline painted in any color you want - how about getting it in exactly same color as your car? You choose between regular paint, metallic and pearlescent. Contact your Packline Dealer to find out more.